Since we started blogging here, we have been very privileged to receive feedback from all sorts of people, from all sorts of departments across an inspiring selection of countries and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you.

Thank you to all the posters, who make this blog what it is, whatever indeed, that is. Having a blog without comment is very much like having a ship without fuel. It also provides fuel for us, by allowing us to encounter different points of view and views similar to our own. It allows us to experiment and to test the waters and most importantly, to make sure we are in touch with the things that really matter.

Some posters visit regularly and some take enormous time and care to write their comments. We thank you tremendously for sharing your thoughts with us. Some posters come on and leave pearls of wisdom; we are incredibly grateful to you all.

Thank you also to the readers of the blog. Knowing that you are reading, regardless of whether you agree with us or not, is a privilege and one we don’t take lightly. You are the guardians of the site, angels in cyberspace.

So, in honour of you, the readers and posters, we have decided to do the only thing we know how to do. We shall celebrate your kindness with a kick-ass tune……(and a little 70’s flavour, because it wouldn’t be a Researching post if we didn’t add a little humour to the thing)…

Thank you for being a friend of Researching Reform…..

Click on the photo to hear the tuneage :@)