It seems that no-one is immune from the horrible failings inside the family justice system (which we can personally vouch for) and the latest victims to experience the horror come in the form of an aspiring MP and her family.

This lady nearly lost her son to Social Services off the back of a recommendation made by a psychiatrist who had never met her or her son prior to suggesting she posed a danger to her child. But the aspiring MP, who had the means to fight the decision, spent £10,000 on legal fees and was able to clear her name and keep her son.

This case serves as a reminder for lots of things: the uneven playing field inside the system, when families come face to face with local authorities, the enormous disadvantages for those who cannot afford legal fees and don’t qualify for legal aid (that’s just about everyone) and the embarrassingly lax and moronic way in which the system operates, prioritising pointless policy and redundant legal precedents over the practicalities of life and common sense.

Many thanks to Sinbad King for alerting us to this story – it’s about time our family justice system buckled down and sorted itself out.