We were planning on posting the whole conversation we had on Twitter with a foster carer agency this evening, as up until now we had been updating the site in piecemeal fashion on a conversation that essentially spanned two days, but what we thought was the end of the matter in Part Two, appears not to be the case.

In a rather bizarre and we feel, somewhat amusing sign off, Foster Care Agent, the agency we were chatting with on Twitter, decided to send us a final tweet, which we thinks says it all, really. So we’ll just put the whole conversation up in this post and leave you with a final thought: has something gone terribly wrong with the logic inside the legal system and family justice? Judging by this agency’s last tweet, we would say so….

(For ease of reference, @SobukiRa is Researching Reform on Twitter)

Foster Care Agent: All good people of #Bucks we need #foster carers- £400 #jobs PW tax free, all training given. Free advice PLS RT!!

Researching Reform:@FindFosterCarer May I ask why you always tweet about the money you’re going to pay and not the need for loving families to come forward?

Foster Care Agent:@SobukiRa we tweet both, but the reality is ££ grab people’s attention, just as it has yours

Researching Reform:@FindFosterCarer Sure, but not in a good way. Grabbing peoples’ attention with cash, encourages people with the wrong priorities to foster.

Researching Reform:@FindFosterCarer And I don’t think I’ve ever seen you tweet anything like “Loving, kid crazy families needed to care for children”.

@sobukira  just asking for loving families to apply as carers does not bring in the 10000 new fc’s needed year on year. Sad but true.

@FindFosterCarer Are you not at all concerned with whether these families are fostering for the right reasons? Nor the quality of care?

@sobukira I have faith in the comprehensive assessment process that the registered agencies carry out with potential foster carer applicants

@FindFosterCarer Yet there is a harmful moral diaspora between that assessment process and the motivation for fostering you encourage.

@sobukira The assessment process and ongoing training ensures that fc’s do provide the expected level of care and best possible outcomes.

@FindFosterCarer If you don’t mind my asking, how does the process ensure that families will love these children like their own?

@sobukira After spending 6 months assessing,training, referencing from all family members etc, the assessor should have a good idea….

@sobukira of how the family functions and if they have the ability to care for a child as their own.

@FindFosterCarer Thank you for answering all these questions. Do you happen to know how many families apply and how many you turn away?

@sobukira our experience is 3% of applicants who apply to become foster carers are successful.

@FindFosterCarer Thank you.

@SobukiRa thnx for helping us raise the profile of fostering through your blog. If £££ were not mentioned, no publicity! Thnx again

@FindFosterCarer Not all publicity is good publicity. I remain very skeptical about the way you function as an agency.

@FindFosterCarer Just out of interest – are you an employee for the agency and would you mind revealing your name and position?