Many thanks to Miss A for alerting us to another story about the dubious Dr Hibbert. In this case, Dr Hibbert took a child away from her mother for ‘trying too hard to be the perfect mum’. Amazing to think that could ever be construed as inappropriate. Most mothers will say that that is what they strive to be, every day of their mothering lives.

But there is a happy ending to this case, which belies a deeper concern about Dr Hibbert – several reports by other professionals indicated that there were no concerns with this mother’s parenting and her daughter was returned to her. All these cases really beg the question – will there be a new generation in ten or twenty years to come, who will launch a class action against the government for depriving them of their right to family life and other terrible deprivations, after having to spend sometimes years apart from their doting parents?

We shall leave you to read this article, and to decide what you think.