There are some interesting family law related news items making the rounds this morning on the internets, so we thought we’d add them here for a quick peek.

First up is Sir Nicholas Wall, President of the Family Division (who we thought had recently followed us on Facebook, but then noticed he was ‘in a relationship with Ken Clarke’). Sir Wall is calling for ‘No Fault Divorce’ to be allowed and says that he sees no logical reason why this principle should not be applied. We remain undecided about that.

Following on, we have the policewoman who is appealing her husband’s attempt to divorce her over a washing machine.This is an apt follow on, no less, from the article above and you can see why from the content of the article. In fact, judges have become so political, they now appear to be using judgments not just to voice their personal views on areas of family law, but to try to change the law altogether, by passing calculated remarks. Lord Justice Thorpe’s remarks in the news piece certainly read that way, when he, “lamented the fact that the minutiae of the 20-year marriage had to be raked over in such a “painful” way because divorce laws mean one spouse or the other must be shown to be at fault. He said: “Our laws of divorce represent the social values of a bygone age.””

An interesting development, one to watch we feel.

Another interesting development comes in the form of social media and superinjunctions. MPs are now calling on the internet giant to filter searches and censor illegal search results on the world-wide web. This request comes in the wake of the superinjunctions previously breached by being aired online.