At Researching Reform, one of our firm beliefs is that divorce is not the enemy. It is a tool which when used efficiently, can help preserve the fundamental emotional skills a parent needs to make sure the welfare of the child remains paramount. It can help create healthier behaviours and bonds between family members and it can pave the way for a happy future for children and parents alike.

So when this survey by 4Children was published, which suggests that a staggering 60% of families report serious or frequent conflict in the home, we thought it was an important thing to share. There is no mention here of divorce, with the focus being on domestic violence within the home and citing external pressure such as economic ones relating to insufficient levels of income and unemployment as the fuel for creating conflict in the home.

It is of course very easy to blame divorce as the rot destroying families, but many of us know already that family breakdown is  a very complex affair. And the report knows this too. Aptly entitled, The Enemy Within, it is very carefully prepared into 7 chapters, with titles such as “Conflict and violence: Undermining parents’ ability to parent”, which look set to be very interesting reads. We will be reading the 55 page report in full a little later today, but wanted to post it for you now.