Today, Researching Reform speaks with Seema Thobhani and Santa Simothy of Kidz4Mation, an organisation which focuses on supporting and nurturing children through encouragement and play, on the American Psychiatric Association’s decision to include shyness in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which would allow for the use of medication when dealing with children who are bashful. We caught up with KidzMation to find out what they thought about the news.

Interview, Kidz4Mation, Friday 23rd March, 2012

Seema Thobhani, Director of Kidz4Mation

SeemaI am grateful to be blessed with patience, which I believe is much needed to raise a child and to work with children. Skilfully balancing the roles of a mother of two young daughters Nikita 6 and Simran 4 and as a Director of Kidz4Mation has been a rewarding challenge. Having joined hands with the most amazing team to form Kidz4Mation, my vision is to change the lives of millions of children worldwide by giving them the best basis for a fulfilled successful life.

Lasting Childhood memory: I was 8 years old and back in India. One cold winter night, my parents took me to do charity work first hand. Poor families were shivering in the cold on the streets. My dad told me to put the blankets we had brought around these people, which I did. They burst out in tears of JOY and gratitude, and I shed tears of gratefulness towards my parents for giving me this experience. This experience left a lasting memory in my heart! I’ve shared this story with my daughters as a lesson in gratitude.

When I am not working: I love to do art and crafts with my daughters. I’ve recently started playing badminton with my hubby which I used to enjoy a lot in the past. I am a very musical person. You would always find me singing or humming if I am not working (sometimes even during my work…hehehe). Cooking is another passion of mine. I love trying out new dishes on my hubby and brother (my favourite guinea pigs).

Favourite Quote: ‘I want to be remembered as someone who helped others to succeed. Some may forget, so I must continue….’

Top parenting tip: Beautifully put by Jesse Jackson, and I couldn’t agree more: “Your children need your presence more than your presents.”

Santa Simothy, Director

Hitul ThobhaniI am an author of children books and I have co-authored six children books during the past years. I have a real passion to work with children and make a positive difference in their lives. As such it is very fulfilling for me to be part of the Kidz4Mation team.

Most embarrassing childhood memory: I was on my way to school and I was in deep conversation with my friends. So much so that I didn’t see a big hole on the pavement and I fell into it. Luckily I didn’t get hurt, but imagine my embarrassment…..

When I’m not working: When I’m not supporting my favourite football team, I enjoy spending time with my husband & friends. I regularly play badminton, which I enjoy a lot. I also love reading and long walks.

Favourite quote: ‘You are what you think’

Top parenting tip: Never permit yourself to do anything that you are not willing to see your children do.