There are a lot of interesting and slightly unusual stories relating to families and children this week already, so we thought we would jot a few down here and share them with you.

First up, a survey reveals that one in five young Asians think that women should be subjected to physical violence if they disobey their families.

Following on from our coverage of the extraordinary case of Dr Hibbert, Christopher Booker talks about the story.

Parliamentary groups launch an inquiry into children who go missing from care.

A very interesting and important survey on children who self-harm.

The husband who attacked the man his wife was having an affair with.

A spy who tries to set up her over-friendly married boss with a colleague, takes her boss to an employment tribunal for sexual harassment.

A surrogacy mother launches a maternity leave challenge.

A millionaire’s daughter talks about taking part in the Summer Riots looting spree.

And why the practice of religion does not preclude state intervention where it’s ethically imperative to do so.