Many thanks to Shaun O’Connell for kindly drawing our attention to this news item. The General Medical Council are currently reviewing Dr Hibbert, one of the leading psychiatrists who up until recently worked in the family courts, but this latest article will cause concern for many. Whilst we don’t think that if Dr Hibbert were stripped of his licence to practice that he would return, due to the very high level of exposure his case has been met with, the reality from this article and from admissions by the GMC itself are cause for concern.

Whilst only 17 doctors were found continuing on with their practice post removal in 2009 (as stated by a Channel 4 investigation), it is not clear what the official figure may be.

Last year, 106 doctors were suspended by the GMC for up to a year and a further 72 were struck off.

And the GMC’s own website makes for very sobering reading. Going on to the Fitness to Practice Panel Hearings, it is evident that there are a lot of doctors out there who are under review. The Hearings and Decisions page is home to these Fitness to practice Panel reviews, and you can search recent decisions here. For a full list of recent decisions, simply visit this page.
From malpractice to indecent assault, these hearings make for sobering reading indeed.
If you would like to check a doctor’s registration status, you can do so, here.