Researching Reform were alerted to Dr Hibbert by one of the families who is now mentioned in a truly devastating article by the Daily Mail. A thank you to them for drawing our attention to this story.

Dr Hibbert has been alleged to have fabricated evidence to suit Local Authority perspectives in care proceedings with some medical experts in the field stating that they refused to work with him as a result of his questionable practices. Since being confronted with the allegations, Dr Hibbert has tried to surrender his licence but the General Medical Council are so concerned that they have refused to allow him to do so and are now investigating him.

It has long been stated that professionals who produce these kinds of reports inside the system stand to profit handsomely if they tout the Local Authority point of view when assessing families and as can be seen from this article, Dr Hibbert has been rewarded handsomely for his work.

John Hemming has now written to Justice Secretary Ken Clarke, asking for a full enquiry. But this is not the first time a leading medical expert has been called into question inside the care system and this news comes only days after the Family Justice Council, along with Professor Ireland, revealed that at least 20% of reports like these are written by people who are not qualified to do so and a staggering 60% were deemed to be of poor quality. Channel 4 aired the report on a programme, this week.

We have been informed that the General Medical Council is now about to prepare a Fitness to Practice Panel to investigate the claims and to see whether or not Dr Hibbert should be allowed to continue to practice psychiatry.

Researching Reform spoke with Miss A today, who told us, “This doctor is evil and corrupt and I believe that it is he who has mental health problems. As all these reports have shown recently where people who aren’t qualified are able to diagnose people in the family court, I myself feel that I am more than qualified to say that Dr Hibbert may have some kind of narcissistic disorder and needs sectioning under the mental health act!” Kudos to Miss A for having such a tremendous sense of humour after everything she has been through. Researching Reform admire her greatly.

If you want to catch more coverage on the story, BBC Radio 4 will be mentioning it on their 6 O’clock news and Radio 2 will also be airing the story today.

Miss A is currently launching an action against Dr Hibbert and the Local Authority and is looking for other families who have been subjected to Dr Hibbert’s treatment to come forward. All correspondence will  be treated confidentially and every care taken to ensure that any gagging orders that may be in place will not be breached. You are entitled to come forward, even with a gagging order, if you have concerns about treatment you have received from Dr Hibbert.

Please email Researching Reform at and we will pass your details to Miss A’s legal team.

Dr Hibbert