Children and Young People Now are reporting that counsellors are seeing a rise in teenagers with depression, with some initial research suggesting that family break ups and social media are a significant source of that depression. The article goes on to say that parents need to work at supporting children to express their feelings in an environment of, we presume, emotional safety as well as physical safety .

But there must be reasons why children are losing out on the support they need. What do you think may be the reason for a potential increase in children feeling depressed and does it really have to do with a lack of support?

Possible answer: Yes, we think it does. Parents work so hard, and usually both parents today work conventional hours which means that they are both exhausted and both spending minimal amounts of quality time with their children, through no fault of their own.

The impact of that is that children lose out on seeing and feeling their parents express their love and support for them and begin to tackle the world on their own. This causes huge levels of stress and the only way to reduce them is to give parents the opportunity to work in ways that are flexible and will allow them time to be with their children.An organisation we feel will be very much a positive part of the future is Anywhere Working. Parents are already cottoning on the possibility of working from home: more time with your little ones, productive work hours and a win-win for the whole family.