Anywhere Working have started a competition which will see the winner get some pretty sexy gadgets for their mobile working lifestyle and we are shamelessly entering the competition. All you have to do is write a blog post about your tips for working and you could be in with a chance of getting some seriously nifty hardware.

Although our next paragraph could be viewed as blatant brown-nosing, we do dig Anywhere Working. Like thousands of people across the country, we lead a mobile work life, working in our study, cafes, trains and tubes, letting our work flow through our daily life so we can flow better through life in general.  Here are our top tips for a fabulous work life >>>>

  • Do something you really, really love. You might not earn millions to start with, but the job satisfaction alone is better than any Lizard-shaped Louis Vuitton handbag. (And you’ll be more productive, too)
  • Work to love, love to work. That sounds a bit odd, and to be honest we’re not sure how catchy that is, but by making work a labour of love your whole mindset changes and it no longer becomes a chore. You won’t need any motivation to make it from the bedroom to the lounge (or toilet), where your computer awaits ….
  • Go all Jane Fonda on yourself: flexible working is the future and it also means you can spend more time with your family. You know that crazy aunty with the outrageous inheritance? We don’t mean her. (Unless you want us to mean her).
  • And finally….. Don’t forget the Holy Techie Trinity >>> Your laptop, your popsicles, your wallet and your watch! Try switching up your work environment. Getting cabin fever in the kitchen? Need to aerate your mandate? By taking all the above, you can roam like your broadband, enjoying different places and faces while you work. Good for inspiration and for losing track of time…. which is why we added the watch 🙂 (We have no idea why the popsicles are in there).

No more nine to five, baby…….