Many thanks to Phil Johnson for sharing this BBC film about child abuse in the Church and in particular the diocese of Chichester. The twelve-minute film was made with Colin Campbell from the BBC and is a must-see.

Although paedophilia is not confined to the Church, it is a very real phenomenon and one that needs to be properly addressed. In the film, we learn that priests who have previous convictions for sexual offences against children have been allowed to be ordained and practice in the community. The culture of repression and denial in the Church on this issue is also significant, creating even more distrust and anger not just with priests but with religion and Christianity in general.

This post follows on from a meeting that took place in London recently, focusing on the issue of abuse within the Church and was very well attended, by high-profile campaigners, journalists and lawyers as well as the victims themselves.

If you have twelve minutes to spare, please do watch the video. We are a democratic country – no form of abuse should go unchallenged.

(Please click on the image above to access the video and other links relating to the topic of child abuse in the Church)