This week’s Question It has a very quirky feel and we love it, to bits (and of course we hope you’ll love it too, but if you don’t we’ll just console ourselves with a praline and later on another watch of the new series New Girl, which we think is very funny). But enough of that!

From the archives, no less, we bring you an original Evening Independent newspaper article from 1936, which chronicles Mrs Wallis Simpson’s startling divorce from her husband, with the court hearing taking only 17 minutes, although Mrs Simpson did have to wait the full 6 months for her divorce to be finalised with the production of a decree absolute. The Evening Independent was Florida’s first daily newspaper.

But the newspaper also has another very interesting news article underneath Mrs Simpson’s divorce story, which reads “Child Bandits Given Sentences” and goes on to explain that in Memphis, Tennessee, three young boys and girls were found guilty of a drug store hold up amounting to $50 (at the time).

Our question for you this week, then, is just how much do you think culture has really changed and how has this affected our family justice system?

Possible answer: the human condition is limited and so there might be variations on a theme and an increase or decrease in certain types of behaviour but the underlying problems the family justice system faces are peculiar to it, in that they stem from cultural inclinations rather than industrial progress. In order to make our system better, we need to understand the human condition better first.