Researching Reform had the privilege of chatting with Sky News who are doing a two-minute short on Michael Gove’s latest plans to tackle truancy, which include banning parents from taking kids out of school for holiday time and even increasing the current fines in place for parents who flout the new law. The film was shown at 6.30pm on Sky News today.

We disagreed with the policy plan for several reasons; to find out why, tune in to sky and take a look! We’ll post any clips available shortly.

To sum up, as the short features one segment of the conversation, we felt that:

  • The government had confused the more poignant issues relating to truancy by muddling them up with the issue of taking holidays during term time
  • Michael Gove had failed to understand the lack of efficiency in fining parents as a way of reducing truancy and in-term holiday leave for families
  • There is a balance to be struck, between the age of a child taking holidays during term time (and perhaps considering allowing under tens for example to do so) and the time taken out coupled with the frequency of those holidays taken out of conventional holiday times
  • Holidays can be hugely educational, allowing children to better understand the world around them

Have your say…. do you think the new proposals are effective/ useful?

Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education