Happy Monday! Yes, it’s the most misunderstood day of the week and no one actually gets any real work done, bu we can take comfort in the fact that, very much like geekie lemmings who just happen to have opposable thumbs, we are all gawping at the screen and not actually taking anything in.

The news this morning tells us that quick divorces have gone from being a four-month affair to a twenty-four hour one. Some people say this is a good thing, whilst others feel it demeans marriage……. what do you think?

Possible Answer: Blaming responsive tools seems irrational to us. Our family justice system should be swift and fair where possible, with the onus on the couples and their families to help them work out what’s in their best interests. For the state to take a blanket view that all marriages are either valid, legitimate or worth saving lacks common sense and the right balance between state interference and the state keeping a respectful distance.