We may or may not have had something to do with this, but we thought it was so well executed by Family Lore’s John Bolch that we had to share it (even if it means we have to own up to the possibility of having suggested the play on words).

[Image deleted at the request of the original producer]

Mr Justice Ryder is of course the judge who has been tasked with modernising the family justice system, and so the above photo is just a little light-hearted sport, brilliantly executed by the enigmatic genius that is John Bolch. We can only hope (Crosses fingers and says please, please, please through closed teeth) that Mr Justice Ryder has a car as cool as Kit for fighting family injustice and impressing the female court clerks.

Researching Reform met John Bolch whilst we were still foetal in the world of family law, and we owe him a great deal. From teaching us how to podcast to helping us understand the law when we found ourselves wanting for knowledge, Big John, as we like to call him, is nothing less than the foremost Gentleman of Family Law and all round fountain of knowledge.

It goes without saying that his website, Family Lore, is a must-read for people interested in all things family law related. John is terribly modest, but he is a very experienced family lawyer and a true gentleman, which of course is refreshing in our kind.

Thank you for the funny photo; if you get into trouble, we’ll take the blame…..