We just stumbled across this whilst we were pretending to do some work and thought it was rather interesting and a superb project, to boot.

The Children’s Rights International Network (CRIN) have forged ahead with the creation of a Children’s Rights WIKI which was started last December, and is designed to be a home for all the information available about children’s rights, all over the world.

Very much like any Wiki, the website encourages mass-participation and contribution to the material on the site and hopes to work in several different languages, a little like the large online encyclopedia, Wikipedia does.

The project is designed to, “make the huge volume of information that exists on children’s rights more accessible, assist children’s rights advocates in identifying persistent violations, and inspire collective action”. It sounds like a fabulous idea, to us.

The WIKI has some interesting pages, too. The Ratifications Page, shows countries who have ratified or signed up to legislation relating to child welfare and there is a UN Child Rights Map, too which shows you how to make a complaint to the United Nations and offers a useful diagram for the structure of organisations that work with and within the United Nations, all focusing on children’s rights. The Child Rights dictionary is a pretty groovy idea, as well.

CRIN, the organisation behind motivating the project is not a charity, describing itself as a global children’s rights network and their site is certainly worth a visit. We rather like their ‘Information by Country’ tab as well as the For Children Page, which has some great links for young people on it.

The WIKI itself has already been viewed 9,743 times since its creation and with things like the CRIN Toolkit it makes for compelling and seriously interesting reading. Our spotlight this week, then, is on this CRIN creation – a fantastically audacious and bold project which we hope will go from strength to strength.