Hat tip to Julian Whiting, a dedicated gentleman who works on trying to highlight systematic child abuse within the church for alerting us to this event, which takes place on Friday 27th January.

Survivors’ organisations and specialist abuse lawyers have become so concerned about the level of abuse and the way these incidents are being ignored that they have come together to set up this meeting for interested groups. Organised by Jordans Solicitors, and supported by MACSAS, the aim of the meeting is to gather support for the purpose of getting government to open up a public enquiry into this area. The enquiry would look at the extent of abuse in recent decades, the level of cover-ups and new legislation to safeguard children and adults who turn to the church. This meeting is also supported by the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:


 (Chair – David Greenwood – Jordans Solicitors)

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  1. Richard Scorer of Pannone LLP

(To summarise the media interest and political response)

  1. Anne Lawrence of MACSAS

(Evidence of the inability of church organisations to regulate themselves and responses in other jurisdictions)

  1. Sue Cox of Survivorsvoice-europe.org

(Survivor perspectives)

  1. Contributions from the floor
  1. Motion to empower a working party to:-

a)   Gather more evidence

b)   Make political connections

c)    Start a media campaign, etc.

  1. Close (approximately  3 3.30 pm)

This is a public event, but if you wish to go, please do send an email to David Greenwood, who is a partner at Jordans, at David.greenwood@jordanssolicitors.co.uk. You can also get hold of David on the phone, Tel: 07770 741 407 or 01924 868911. The event takes place on Friday 27th January 2012 at 1.30 pm – Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square , London , WC1R 4RL . If you are unable to attend but are interested in this area, Jordans would really appreciate an email stating your support.

The meeting is supported by:

–         Association of Child Abuse Lawyers

–         MACSAS (Ministry and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors)

–         Survivorsvoice-europe.org