Channel 4 News is working on a documentary that will be exploring the use of experts in the family courts, particularly focusing on psychologists but possibly also looking at psychiatrists and paediatricians.

The news channel are currently looking for people who have had concerns about the quality and/ or competency of such experts in their own cases. The following is an extract from the media request itself:

“We are keen to hear from people who have had concerns about the quality or competency of the expert witnesses used in their cases. We have, for example, heard about parents being diagnosed or evaluated by expert witness without ever having a formal assessment with them.

If you have any details on a case which fits the above, we would be very keen to hear more about your experiences. We will, of course, treat all information in the strictest confidence”.

You can get in touch via email at Phil.Carter@ITN.CO.UK

If you are not able to email for any reason, please let us know and we will help you to reach the news channel, if you would like us to.