The Education Committee’s enquiry into child protection continues, with the next session, which is open to the public, on Wednesday 11th January and will look at the topics we mentioned earlier with MPs asking questions to the panel:

  • Phillip Noyes, Director of Strategy and Development, NSPCC
  • Kate Wallace, Deputy Director Policy & Research, Barnardo’s
  • Enver Solomon, Policy Director, The Children’s Society

The session starts at 9.30am and will look at:

  • The impact of neglect and the long-term consequences of a delay in intervention where there is evidence of neglect;
  • Older young people (especially those aged 15 to 19) and child protection;
  • Thresholds for intervention, for taking children into care and for adoption.

If you’re interested in this area and your Wednesday’s looking a bit peaky, why not come along?