As the Westminster Debate, Supporting Families After the Riots and the Role of Family Law, begins its count-down this morning, our panel members are getting ready for the evening’s events.

Elaine Halligan, who is one of our lovely panel members and the CEO of The Parent Practice, shares a video below about children and how they view us, adults and parents, as role models. We should explain that the video is emotionally very disturbing, but in the wake of the debate, a very important addition to the discussion surrounding social exclusion and the way young people view the world.

This debate has been sponsored by Family Law in Partnership LLP, who are widely regarded as the top collaborative  family law firm in London.

It’s not too late to join us at the Palace of Westminster; if you would like to come  to this public event, we will be sending out invitations until 4pm this afternoon, so why not come along and join in? Westminster Debates are always lively and friendly and everyone is welcome.