Well, everyone who works for pressure groups and independent organisations advising families torn in half by dishonest appraisals, for a start. If we were able to print half the information we acquired as assistants to families who have lost their children without just cause to the care system, it would certainly have an effect.

And then there are the social workers themselves; torn between doing what is right and keeping their jobs, they are often forced to stay silent for fear of the consequences. These are the real dilemmas facing the family justice system and this article, in the Express, only scratches the surface of a cruel and hostile system that conceals dangerous conflicts of interest, which ultimately affect parents and children all over the country.

In the article, a whistleblower from social services comes forward to talk about what he has seen inside the system. He reveals that in the wake of Baby Peter, social workers are under enormous pressure to ‘sex up’ reports and play down the positive elements in a case, to make sure the case crosses the required thresholds that need to be met in order to take children into care.

For those of us who see this every day, it never ceases to shock – every time is like the first time. But it will be an even bigger shock, still, for those inside the system who are too deaf to hear and too blind to see. Will they, at last, accept the terrible truths plaguing the system, or must we continue on, pretending the voices of the children are not our voices to hear?