Twitter is a haven for finding treasures and this week Researching Reform has come across another gem: Child Quest International.

Founded in 1990, Marcia Slacke is the current Executive Director with Child Quest itself, a non-profit organisation based in San Jose, California, dedicated towards the “prevention and recovery of missing, abused and exploited children” and have to date helped to recover over 3,000 individuals. The website focuses on educating parents on how to keep their little ones safe and gives children vital knowledge on how to protect themselves. Their Missing Children Project is particularly good. From assisting law enforcement to helping to relocate lost children, Child Quest is a truly awesome organisation and that is why they are in the Spotlight this week.

The website has so much brilliant information, we constantly find ourselves retweeting their considered, sensible and easy to read information, like the free safety tips they offer or their recent post which describes with huge sensitivity and thoughtfulness how to help a child who appears to be lost. They even offer events which include fingerprinting for two-year olds and older and classroom presentations.  Packed with resources, it’s definitely worth a read.

If you like Child Quest as much as we do, why not Like them on their Facebook page, or add them as a friend? Or you can just do like the Researching, and tweet with them on Twitter!

For offering superb, common sense advice and for working for a truly admirable cause, Researching Reform makes Child Quest International our organisation of the week.

If you wish to contact them over missing children concerns or just simply to find out more, you can do so here.