The Ministry of Justice are starting to work on the possibility of having a UK Bill of Rights, which would act to bolster our commitment to the European Convention on Human Rights and try to create a greater awareness of those obligations by doing things like making sure those Rights are enshrined in UK Law.

But do we really need more law to do this? At Researching Reform, we are for the moment undecided as to whether this is a much-needed building block or just another potential quagmire which may only serve to confuse the UNCHR and make things more rather than less complex. We’re just not sure. But that’s what this new consultation is about.

The Commission on a Bill of Rights, an independent Commission set up in March of this year, wants your views which it will then treat as part of its interim guidance to the government. Whether you are a member of the public (like us), judiciary and any other body interested in the law, you can offer feedback to make sure the government gets as wide a range of views as possible and therefore a more complete picture. And of course, the Bill will almost certainly affect Family Law and procedure, which increasingly continues to include Human Rights aspects in its work.

If you fancy mulling over the Bill during a Diet Coke break (our favourite) or a distinctly non-diet Digestives and PG tips break (another favourite), you can do that just by clicking on this magic link…..poof!

The document is 20 pages long, BUT there are only four, teeny-weeny questions (with potentially not so teeny-weeny answers), which we have added below, just in case you can’t wait to read them……

(1) do you think we need a UK Bill of Rights?
If so,

(2) what do you think a UK Bill of Rights should contain?
(3) how do you think it should apply to the UK as a whole, including its four component countries of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales?
(4) having regard to our terms of reference, are there any other views which you would like to put forward at this stage?

The deadline for sending in your views is the 11th November, 2011, so you could even ponder over porridge and egg nog…… And if you’d like to keep up to speed with what this Commission is doing, you can check them out by clicking on this magic link…. Boom!

Good luck and God Speed (or any other talisman of your choice)!