This is perhaps a land mark moment for Researching Reform, in so much as we had always watched the Voice of the Child Sub-Group almost-but-not-quite get there in relation to past endeavours relating to children, but by jove, they’ve only gone and done it this time and our admiration of Judge Crichton (who has recently won an award for successfully implementing a Family Drug and Alcohol Court designed to help parents with addictions and keep families together) has grown immensely as a result. What are we blithering on about? Well, in a report which came out today, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner has submitted their absolutely fantastic and super consultation to the Family Justice Review after they too published their own interim report. But what does this have to do with our Judge of the Week, we hear you ask?

Judge Crichton is the Chair for the Voice of the Child Sub-Group and it was this Group which asked the OCC to carry out this consultation. It is quite one of the best consultations we have seen. It is to the point, takes into account the most important aspects of child welfare inside the family courts and most wonderfully of all, allows children who have all found themselves in the family courts, from as young as three, to express themselves and explain why the system is not working for them.

For such an inspiring act of bravery and ingenuity, District Judge Crichton is Researching Reform’s Judge of the Week.

District Judge Nick Crichton