Hat tip to Stuart Graham, who kindly posted Early Day Motion 1704 up on Researching Reform’s Facebook wall. It is an extraordinarily brave challenge to the Family Justice Review, which whilst being well-meaning, does not really look at nor investigate the fundamental flaws inside the family courts (like transparency, for example). It also calls on the government to instigate another review, this time with a balanced panel, made up of those who have experienced and used the system as well as those who work in it. What a brilliant idea.

The primary sponsor of this EDM is John Hemming MP, who also chairs Justice for Families and so far has received the support of five other Members of Parliament.

If you feel as strongly as we do about the need for earnest change rather than window dressing, please call upon your local MP and ask them to sign. Unfortunately we cannot invite Researching Reform’s local MP to do the same as he currently is not a back bencher, but all back bench MPs can sign – all it takes is an email. If you’d like to find your constituency’s MP/s all you need do is log on to Find Your MP and type in your postcode, area or the name of your local MP if you know who they are.

This is a petition worthy of our support – do you dare make a difference? 🙂