It’s no secret that at Researching Reform our favourite family judge is Lady Hale for she never disappoints and this week she has done it again – she is, once more, our Judge of the Week.

In her speech at the Sir Henry Hodge Memorial Lecture, Lady Hale highlighted the severe impact the proposed legal aid cuts will have on the most vulnerable members of society and equally significantly, observes that the cuts will not only alienate those who need the most help but create a feeling of disillusionment which will eventually translate into widespread apathy for the law and all who work with it.

Lady Hale said in her speech to the Law Society on Monday, “There is a well-known ironic saying, that in England, justice is open to all – like the Ritz.”

Her controversial speech goes directly against the government’s current plans to drastically curb legal aid and so her courage to speak her mind and highlight some of the deeper cultural problems with the legal aid cuts is why Lady Hale is our Judge of the Week. Our family justice system may not be in good shape right now but if we continue to chip away at it, evolution and revolution of the system will most certainly suffer insurmountable set backs and make positive change impossible.

Lady Hale