It was fascinating to read the article in The Guardian this week on High Court judges who cannot be sacked even if they show latent and persistently poor judgement. Researching Reform does think that is absurd and cannot possibly serve any kind of pragmatic purpose other than to perpetuate poor quality judicial decision-making in the system and continue to erode away at our already terribly fragile justice system.

But it did remind me of an article I wrote some time ago on the issue of judges and their ability to be impartial (a seminal issue in the above news item) at a time when there were quiet murmurs amongst the blawging legal profession about the possibility of changing our current adversarial system for a collaborative one, in the hope that it might offer the panacea professionals and parents were hoping for. (Have a read and see if you think it’s still relevant).

Needless to say, there are comic elements to Joshua Rozenberg’s article but in the time old tradition of best-loved phrases, many a true word spoken in jest….