Having discovered at the end of last year that Baroness Deech was lecturing at Gresham College, Researching Reform thought it would be fun to hop on over to the college’s website to see what goodies were on offer.

A quick search using the keywords ‘Family Law’ offers up thirteen entries, the most contemporary by Baroness Deech herself but there are other lectures and a quick search under Divorce or even Family reveals a host of lectures, although many not law related, certainly family and human condition-related.

There’s also a very neat audio service, which allows you to choose from a variety of listening options (subject also to what’s offered with each individual lecture); from streaming audio and video to download facilities, the site is digi-savvy and accessible to boot.

And whilst we may not agree with every lecturer’s point of view, there’s certainly plenty of food for thought for that dull Friday afternoon when the boss has gone out to get a sandwich (and doesn’t return for three hours) 🙂