Even for lawyers, reading about legislation and policy in the area they work in can be a bore, the cure for insomniacs everywhere and the sure-fire way to a one man dinner party.

But The Guardian’s “Bundle“, a weekly offering which comes right to your mailbox, filled with the latest news from every sector, is different. What makes it different is that it is concise; it’s a byte size taster of the top stories in law but there’s enough meat on the bone for the thinking lawyer to chew over with relish. It’s also nicely linked, so you can hook yourself up not just to the stories themselves but to the background of each news item which is arguably a hugely important addition when considering journalism’s seminal mantra (and arguably that of the lawyer’s), the dissemination of information with a view to informing, as accurately as possible.

There are other aspects to The Bundle too, which are fun. It reinforces the interactive nature of newspapers today by highlighting interesting public comment from the week’s news items and reaches out to blogs which is often where the heartbeat of up and coming issues can be found. And if the law still amuses you post law school, there is even a jobs section for the adventurous lawyer to peruse.

To date, it is Researching Reform’s favourite gadget for a quick look at legal news all over the world. And if all the above doesn’t convince you, then consider the name of the beast, if you will. Calling a news roundup “The Bundle”? If only all bundles were this complete. And this irreverent.

You can sign up for the Bundle, here